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Writing for free is the single most powerful element destroying all possibilities of survival as a freelance writer, as once again pointed out in the excellent weekly email newsletter. Writers Weekly. A guest columnist provides an introduction and then passes along a few email messages he recently received commenting on his previous column on the same subject. All writers were opposed to giving away their writing skills for free, aside from one surprising exception, Tim Leffel.

In my previous spew concerning sites that offer to place your blog entries in publications to give you more "exposure," I indicated that I was not comfortable with the concept of opportunists feeding off my carcass without benefit of compensation.

But, since this write-for-free debate is such a tired standby, I sighed and said maybe I was becoming the crab on the block. What do you think? I asked. My mailbox overflowed!

One writer, who is a top-rated contributor to one of the sites mentioned, commented: "Although it's very nice to have a star by my name and be recognized for my superior writing prowess (gag, she adds), the articles haven't done a thing for me professionally. The only thing writing for free has done for me is gain me a reputation as a generous spirit - or sucker - depending on your vantage point."

"This ties to my pet peeve, trawling craigslist.org for legitimate writing job links and instead, finding several advertisements looking for writers for 'no pay,' just 'Coverage, Resume building! Exposure!' ad nauseum," writes feng shui expert Katy Allgeyer (www.fengshuibyfishgirl.com). "I actually emailed Craig himself. Much to my surprise, Craig emailed me back 20 minutes later and said they are working on the problem. I suggested they come up with another heading for these types of jobs. 'slave labor' comes to mind."

Betsy Crowfoot, a journalist and screenwriter for 11 years, says this controversy is being fueled by the existence of two camps: Those who are full-time writers and want/need to make a living at this profession, and those who want to be writers, but are making their living in another profession and don't rely on writing gigs to feed their children. (I would add those with working spouses to that list.) "Unfortunately," she says, "this gives editors/businesses the idea they don't have to pay writers or pay them on time."

"I can't tell you the number of times I"ve had these robber barons try to blow smoke up my rump with their lines about how they have helped writers by ripping off their content," writes DeAnn Rossetti. "I just read an ad yesterday on Craigslist that said, 'Do it for the love of writing.' Ha!"

Continues Rossetti: "These same people pay for everything else on their site, the hosting service, the website layout, and I am sure they pay a doctor when he has taken care of them. I doubt they tell him that by taking care of their health concerns, he is getting good publicity!"

Writes Kevin Murphy, author of Degrees of Murder and other books, "The only 'freebies' I ever do are for no-budget community organizations of which I am a member - and I do very few of those."

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Victim of Writer Scams

The always informative Writers Weekly often posts warnings relevant to all writers, whether your thing is fiction or travel, this weekly email site is well worth subscribing to. See the link below for hot links to each article. Thanks, Angela.

Whispers And Warnings For June 21st

EzineArticles.com - Charging $750 to get published?!?! HA HA HA!!!

Writopia Inc. / T-zero Xpandizine / The Writer's E-Zine / thewritersezine.com - Writer not paid until WritersWeekly intervenes

Freelance Work Exchange / freelanceworkexchange.com - Another Complaint.

publishforlesscompany.com - SPAMMER and this guy gives us the creeps!

Long Story Short / lsswritingschool.com - SPAMMERS

AllGoodArticles.com - SPAMMERS

The Village Magazine / Privilege Media Group International - And another complaint!

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Passport News

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My Expired Passport

Last month, I was invited on press trips from Tourism Malaysia and Tourism Authority of Thailand, and so checked my passport, which expired in April 2006. Yep, the long-time world traveler hadn't checked his passport in almost a decade, and it had gone out-of-date just before the 60th coronation of the Thai king and a trip to the northeastern section of peninsular Malaysia......so I was out of luck.

Tripso, the "last honest travel website" (I guess that eliminates this blog) has some reminders and tips about keeping your passport current for future travels.

It’s true: Some countries require that your U.S. passport be valid not only for the duration of your visit, but also for three to six months after your entry or return from their country. This means you have to check your passport expiration date carefully. For example, if your passport expires on March 1, 2007, and you want to travel this coming November, you may need to renew your passport before you go.

Here is a list of some countries that have special passport expiration rules.

Tripso Link

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Packing Light

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Travel Journalist on the Road

J. Flynn at the S.F. Chron Sunday travel section recently posted his travel tips about packing light here but I've got my own list culled after over 20 years of travel in Asia, and kept tucked away inside my passport for easy reference before each trip.

* office supplies: rubber bands, tape, stapler, scissors, white-out, only fine-point pens

* misc: swiss army knife (in all plastic version), can opener, superglue

* misc: small umbrella, alarm clock, sunglasses

* misc: zip-lock bags (six), notebooks, briefcase

* pants: 1 pair cotton, 1 pair nice slacks

* shorts: 2 pair (1 wild, 1 conservative)

* shirts: 2 pair wild short-sleeved shirts

* shirts: 2 polo shirts with pockets

* shirts: no long-sleeved shirts!

* socks: 6 dark only

* shoes: 1 pair light and comfortable; good sandals

* maybe: ground coffee beans and melita filters

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